Highly-Recommended Cedar Roof Cleaning

Cedar roof cleaning has a similar process to asphalt roof cleaning but the results can be even better. Naturally cedar ages and get UV damage from the sun. This can make cedar gray looking and aged. Our cleaning solution and cleaning methods will clean the gray cedar and brighten it. This process will leave the cedar looking fresh and new.

Cedar will also grow moss and algae which will not allow the shingles to dry out causing them to hold too much moisture and rot. Our cleaning solution will kill the moss and lichen. We highly recommend leaving the dead growth on the roof until it breaks down in 2-3 months. Once it starts breaking down the moss and lichen will be washed away with the rain leaving a clean roof.

Because of the nature of cedar shingles, we cannot offer a roof cleaning warranty. If you look on the bright side and see our before and after pictures you will see a night and day difference.

cedar roof cleaning
after cedar roof cleaning

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