Algae can shorten the life expectancy of your shingles up to 50%, and is the #1 cause for premature roof failure.

Do you have black or dark stains or streaks on the shingles of your roof? Do you see green moss or algae on your roof? If so, take action because your roof is under attack.

At Safe Roof Cleaning, LLC we specialize in removing and killing the black algae moss and lichen that are destroying your roof. Moss, lichen and algae have firmly planted root systems which pull at your shingles and cause them to cup and eventually detach and fall off. A dirty roof can also lead to an algae outbreak which can destroy the structural integrity of your roof.

Our professionally trained employees are certified in soft washing and use state of the art equipment and proven techniques to clean your roof safely and effectively. Our staff and expertise means you can expect a healthy roof!

Expect A Healthy Roof