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Prior to our cleaning we conduct a full exterior inspection of your home to ensure no damage occurs during our cleaning process. We stand by our work 110%.  We take the time and care to make sure all your needs are met. Rest easy knowing we provide a 5 year warranty and roof algae preventative solution that works!


We provide roof cleaning service to every county in Connecticut.

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Safe and Reliable


We clean asphalt and cedar shingle roofs by using a Soft Washing process that is safe and 100% biodegradable. Our state-of-the-art equipment provides you with top notch quality and service. Our technicians are trained to recognize algae, lichen, moss and other unwanted growth on your roof. When they clean your roof, they treat both the surface and the roots beneath.
Our technicians never use a pressure washer on your roof. Pressure washing can cause irreparable damage to the shingles. You should avoid any companies offering to provide this pressure washing service. There is no need for damage to occur from a roof cleaning and you should never have to replace sections of your roof after the process.
Our soft washing process will save you time and money. There is no need for unexpected costs from inexperienced service providers. Our technicians are professionally trained, licensed, insured, and accredited. Rest easy knowing that you are in good hands with Safe Roof Cleaning LLC.

Roof Replacement vs Cleaning

Most homeowners replace their roof twice as often as needed because they are unaware of the benefits roof cleaning can provide. Without proper maintenance a roof can fail, leak, or even rot long before it should. Cleaning a roof is an investment and a cost saving measure because cleaning a roof vs. replacing a roof represents a significant cost savings.  Roof cleaning can be as low as 5% the total costs of replacing a roof.  Making roof maintenance one of the best homeowners’ investments.

The average life span of a roof can be anywhere from 18-50 years depending on the brand and material. Without regular roof maintenance, your roof may need to be replaced twice as often.  Because a roof cleaning is so cheap compared to replacing a roof it seems like a no brainer.

With a few questions, we can have you scheduled for an estimator to assess your roof and exterior cleaning needs.  Scheduling a cleaning is easy and convenient, just give us a call at 860-810-0019, or fill out the form below.

Unknown Benefits

Roof cleaning offers many different benefits to a homeowner besides the immediate aesthetic improvement. We like our customers to understand that the service provided addresses serious damage that is occurring underneath those nasty stains. With regular maintenance you can lower your energy bills, double the life of a roof, and avoid premature roof replacements.

A common unknown benefit is the energy savings homeowners can enjoy after roof maintenance. Cleaning the roof regularly will allow for energy savings during the warmer months. Some homeowners have reported saving up to 40% on their energy bill after cleaning their roof. The black algae on the roof attracts more heat from the sun and can cause the shingles to become extremely hot.

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