Asst. Tech. Module 5 Test

Asst. Tech Module 5 Test
  •   Roofs are too steep to walk
      Low pressure rinsing needs to be done and its too steep to walk
      When the homeowner wants you too
  •   True
  •   True
  •   Soft wash
      More time
      Extra money
  •   Spray from the outside in to prevent spraying the grass
      Water the grass first
      Use a 4% solution
      All of the above
  •   Softwash first
      Spray straight down between the pavers
      Use the rotary nozzle
      Walk on it after it was soft washed
  •   True
  •   True
  •   Mist tip
      Thick fan tip
      Jet tip
  •   Never extend the first shaft all the way
      Always tighten the couplings very tight
      Extend the skinny extension first
      Use the largest poll first
  •   True