Asst. Tech Module 3 Test

Asst. Tech. Module 3 Test
  •   Covered with a tarp
      Watered before and after
      Watched out for
      Cleaned as it is part of the house
  •   Always cleaned
      Rinsed clean with water
      Tested to see if there is power
      Avoided from any high pressure
  •   Wet the driveway down first
      Redirect the drainage onto the grass
      Make sure you don’t spill any one the driveway
      Spray more solution to clean off old solution marks
  •   Plant wash
      Green wash
      Bleach wash
      Just water
  •   Brass
  •   You should tarp all plants to be safe
      Watering plants will protect them all the same
      Plants in bloom should be just watered
      If solution gets on a blooming flower for even a second it will cause damage
  •   Water, broadcast gypsum, water, spray treatment water again
      Water, tarp, water
      Apply plant wash along with gypsum then water in
      Water, spray treatment, broadcast gypsum, water again
  •   Is like ‘Miracle Grow’ and gives the plans nutrients
      Is when you water the plants so they don’t get burnt
      Prevents plants from getting burnt
      Should always be put down to prevent damage
  •   Plastic chair
      Table cloth
      Door matt
      Seat cushion
  •   Water the deck like crazy
      Water, tarp, and then rinse with bleach wash
      Water and don’t spray around where the deck is
      Water, tarp, then keep the tarp wet as your spray