Asst. Tech Module 2 Test

Asst. Tech. Module 2 Test
  •   Spray all 5 hinges
      Spray two coats while working back and forth
      Have someone hold the ladder for you
      Spray it every month
  •   Using the pitch gauge
      Climbing half way up to see if it slips
      Asking your lead tech
      Standing straight up and grabbing the ladder with your arms straight out in front of you
  •   The strap should form the letter M
      The strap should be clean and not dirty
      The strap should form the letter W
      The strap should not be very tight or it could break the ladders
  •   Look for power lines before walking up the ladder
      Always install a ladder standoff at the top of the ladder
      Trying doing it yourself first
      Walk it up as fast as you can
  •   Make the ladder more secure
      Hold the ladder away from the gutter
      Make your job safer
      Save your life if you fall
  •   Make sure we don’t drag the hose around the plants
      Prevent getting the hose tied up in knots
      To move swiftly and efficiently
      Kink the hose
  •   True
  •   Kill black algae
      Remove moss and lichen
      Turn moss and lichen white
      Make the black algae stains go away