Asst. Tech. Module 1 Test

Asst. Tech Test Module 1
  •   When they are in the yard
      Through windows and skylights
      When they turn the lawn mower off
      When you speak directly at them
  •   You don’t run over the customer’s dog
      You don’t back into the street with a car coming
      Customer’s walkways won’t be crushed by the weight of the vehicle
      The ladders won’t be crushed while backing up
  •   A fully uniformed technician
      A clean looking box truck
      A friendly smile
      That we pulled into their driveway safely
  •   Be happy you are no longer on a roof
      Start wrapping up hoses
      Tell the customer you are almost done
      Take off your cougar paw shoes and wear your personal shoes
  •   Cautioning oncoming traffic if our box truck is sticking out onto the road
      Cautioning drivers behind us that our ladders are sticking out further then the truck
      Cautioning traffic if our box truck is on the side of the road
      Storing dirty gloves and garbage because the trash bag is full
  •   Customers will think we are a sloppy company
      It will be easier to find things in a clean truck
      Other employees that may use your truck the next day would want it to be clean
      If you ever got pulled over it could be a hazard to have a dirty truck
  •   Roll the tarp into a ball
      Fold corner to corner
      Use two people
      Rinse off the tarp before putting into the truck
  •   Clean all horizontal services including plants and trash cans
      Clean under the truck
      Clean off the driveway
      Clean the customer’s cat