Lead Tech. Module 1 Test

Lead Tech. Module 1 Test
  •   Spray the roof from top to bottom
      Using a fan tip
      Use the hose to mark the furthest you will spray
      Start by spraying the edge of the roof with a fan tip
  •   Too much pressure
      The gun needs to be replaced
      It was not let gently off the roof
      The O-ring needs to be replaced
  •   Crank it until it goes
      Wait a few seconds
      Put diesel clean in
      Check the oil and spark plugs
  •   Use the pull start
      Turn off the choke
      Put in additional fuel
      Set the choke to half or full
  •   True
  •   Crank the loader all the way up and then crank it back 4 turns
      Use the throttle
      Use the choke
      Crank the loader all the way up and back off as needed
  •   Below 10 PSI
      Above 15 PSI
      Between 10-15 PSI
      just not in the red
  •   Leaving equipment behind
      Forgetting to take an after picture
      Doing the job too quickly
      Not doing a walk around
  •   Unscrew all the caps
      First turn on the hydrant to see what side to hookup to
      Tighten all the caps then turn on the hydrant
      Tighten caps and hose then turn it on
  •   Pour it in the closest drain
      Pour it in an area away from sewer drains
      Use the downspouts
      Pour on the lawn
  •   Recoat one or two times then begin rinsing
      Wait for the stain to change then rinse and recoat
      Always do ten coats
      Mix the solution as needed and apply until the stain dissipates