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A Dirty Roof Can Cost You Your Homeowners Insurance


Did you know that insurance companies have the power to cancel your homeowner’s insurance policy because of a dirty roof? It’s true.

According to this news report from KJRH, the local NBC affiliate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, some insurance companies have threatened to cancel homeowner’s policies unless the homeowner cleaned their roof. Why? The insurance companies don’t want to pay for a new roof when the alternative—a roof cleaning—is far less expensive.

If you read our Top 5 Most Common Question about Roof Cleaning post you know that cleaning a roof does more than simply improve your home’s aesthetic value. The fact that some insurance companies are threatening to cancel policies over dirty roofs is further evidence that a dirty roof is dangerous to your home’s value.

A clean roof is a preventative measure—it can improve your home’s value, condition and appearance. Why not give us a call? Our technicians are happy to meet you for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.