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Cleaning A Roof Before Winter


If you’re making a list to prep your home for winter you may want to add a roof cleaning to that list. If you have algae, lichen or moss on your roof, it can still grow in the cold winter months, even while you have snow on your roof! This is why it is so important to have your roof cleaned now, before the winter months. If you wait until spring you’ll find that the algae, lichen and moss have already spread aggressively across your roof.

One of the other reasons to have your roof cleaned is that our 100% biodegradable treatment is unaffected by the snow, rain or wind. If you’ve read some of our previous blogs then you know that rain and wind are often ways that algae, lichen and moss spread from roof to roof in a neighborhood. This is a possibility any time it is raining or windy. Since our treatment withstands inclement weather the fall is still a good time to have your roof cleaned.

A standard roof cleaning typically lasts for about two years. Here at Safe Roof Cleaning LLC we recognize that a roof cleaning is an investment in the value of your home which is why we offer a five year warranty on any job which includes our preventative treatment.

Why wait until Spring? Give us a call at 860-810-0019 to schedule your roof cleaning today and you’ll have one less thing to worry about when the snow flies this winter.

Allergies? It might be the algae on your roof!

This spring and summer has been an especially difficult allergy season throughout the Hartford area. But did you know that the algae on your untreated roof can affect your allergies and make them worse? It’s true: algae on your roof can drive your allergies wild. Today we’re going to look at algae on the roof, the problems it causes both for you and your roof, and the ways in which we can help.

When algae settles on a roof it doesn’t just spread out across the roof surface, it also digs down below the shingles itself. This causes significant damage to the roof itself. A roof cleaner will have to remove the algae on the surface and its roots below to properly clean a roof and prevent recontamination.

Algae on your roof can release spores into the air in and around your home, which can aggravate even the mildest of allergies. Wind and rain kick up even more spores, dust and other allergens, all of which can make you miserable.

When Safe Roof Cleaning cleans a roof we don’t just clean the algae off the surface of the roof—we also clean all the way down to the shingles to eradicate the roots and the cause of problem. It is imperative to understand that algae on a roof can harm more than just the aesthetic value of your home. This is why allergy sufferers should make it a point to have their roof cleaned as often as necessary.

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