Essential Sanitation Services For Commercial and Residential

Sanitizing. It is what Safe Roof Cleaning has always done.
We are more than just an exterior cleaning company;
our goal is to create a healthy and safe environment for our community. 

SoftWashing is your safe alternative to pressure washing. Our technique utilizes gentle, low-pressure technology and 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions to safely CLEAN and SANITIZE the exterior surfaces of your residential or commercial property.

CDC Compliant

The solutions we use are specifically designed to clean and sanitize virusesmildewalgaefungus & bacteria. Our Soft Wash process follows the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) & World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for sanitizing. 

Our objective is to not only clean but SANITIZEWe’re committed to doing our part for our community to make it safe and healthy. Call to learn about exterior bulk sanitizing.

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