How many times have you taken this test?

1. What should be checked in the morning?

Levels of Green wash, plant wash, bleach wash,Gypsum pelletsWater and ChemAll of the above

2. Adding water or chem should be done in this order:

Open the valve turn on the switch close the valve turn off the switchTurn on the switch open the valve close the valve turn off the switchOpen the valve turn on the switch turn off the switch close the valveNone of the above

3. Water comes out of the two stacked tanks and chem comes out of the big tank:


4. It does not matter if you get a bunch of water in the chem tank while flushing it out:


5. You would flush chem and water pump out onto the ground when:

You are the last truck filling up and you just filled up on chemYou just filled up on waterThere is still chem in the lineBecause it is bad for the environment

6. How do you know your application pump has been fully rinsed out:

It no longer smells like bleachIt has been flushed for around 2 minutesThe settings are on Water, Add, SprayAll of the above

7. After flushing out the application pump you should always:

Turn the switch off and let the rest of the pressure outMake sure the pump is not too hotTurn the valves aroundDo the chicken dance

8. When starting the Honda power washers always check for these things except:

The choke has been turned on when cold and turned off after startingThe throttle has not backed down and is still at full throttleThe gas has been filled up with the screen in the gas tankYou pull start the machine and if it doesn’t start try the electric start

9. The proper oil for the Honda motor is:


10. Please note when replacing the pump turning all the valves half way will stop all flow of water and chem to prevent spilling in the truck:


11. Each truck does not have an extra:

Chem application pumpFirst aid kitChem application gunnone of the above