How many times have you taken this test?

1. Where do you take a before and after picture:

The dirtiest point of the roofThe same spot you took the before pictureThe cleanest part of the roofThe dirtiest part of the roof and the same spot you took the before picture.

2. How tall are our trucks:


3. The GPS can remain plugged into the vehicle at all times?


4. Your lockers are for:

Your personal itemsYour lunchTo prevent theft or misuse of company propertyTools only you use

5. The company credit card is to be used for:

Company equipmentEmergencies onlyGasChem or Water Fill ups offsite

6. How close should the white line at 160 Oak Street be to your tires:

It should be just behind the front tiresIt should be equal distance between the front and back tires.It shouldn’t be near the tires, but the nose of the truck should be on the white line.It doesn’t matter as long as the back tires are on the grass