How many times have you taken this test?

1. What is the best way to cut in the roof?

Spray the roof from top to bottomUsing a fan tipUse the hose to mark the furthest you will sprayStart by spraying the edge of the roof with a fan tip

2. Why would your spray gun start leaking?

Too much pressureThe gun needs to be replacedIt was not let gently off the roofThe O-ring needs to be replaced

3. Each day before you start the truck you must:

Crank it until it goesWait a few secondsPut diesel clean inCheck the oil and spark plugs

4. On colder days you will need to do what to start your pumps:

Use the pull startTurn off the chokePut in additional fuelSet the choke to half or full

5. You always want to check the grey dipstick when checking the oil in the pumps:


6. To adjust the pressure of the power washers:

Crank the loader all the way up and then crank it back 4 turnsUse the throttleUse the chokeCrank the loader all the way up and back off as needed

7. The udor (water pump) should be:

Below 10 PSIAbove 15 PSIBetween 10-15 PSIAnything, just not in the red

8. What can cause you to have to return to a job for a touch up:

Leaving equipment behindForgetting to take an after pictureDoing the job too quicklyNot doing a walk around

9. When hooking up to public hydrants:

Unscrew all the capsFirst turn on the hydrant to see what side to hookup toTighten all the caps then turn on the hydrantTighten caps and hose then turn it on

10. When getting rid of refuse solution:

Pour it in the closest drainPour it in an area away from sewer drainsUse the downspoutsPour on the lawn