How many times have you taken this test?

1. You would wear your safety harness when:

Roofs are too steep to walkLow pressure rinsing needs to be done and its too steep to walkEvery timeWhen the homeowner wants you too

2. When you spray algae it becomes more slippery:


3. Never walk on wet shingles.


4. A power wash always includes a:

Soft washDiscountMore timeExtra money

5. When spraying a walkway always:

Spray from the outside in to prevent spraying the grassWater the grass firstUse a 4% solutionAll of the above

6. What should you not do when power washing a walkway:

Softwash firstUse the rotary nozzleSpray straight down between the paversWalk on it after it was soft washed

7. Waiting for the roof to dry before you leave the property will insure you removed all the black streaking:


8 The chem spray tip has the largest orifice :


9. To not shoot a lot of solution onto the grass when spraying a deck you should use:

Mist tipTarpsThick fan tipJet tip

10. When using the extension poll you should:

Never extend the first shaft all the wayAlways tighten the couplings very tightExtend the skinny extension firstUse the largest poll first

11. Gypsum pellets neutralize the salt in the solution: