How many times have you taken this test?

1. Cool wet shingles:

Are easier to walk onAre slippery and dangerousMake the granules come offLook bad

2. You should always walk up a roof:

On your hands and kneesOn the tips of your shoesBackwards for best tractionLooking at your feet

3. When cleaning the siding you should never:

Water the grassWater the windowsWater the sidingWater an AC unit

4. When doing a gutter brighten scrub:

Always start with a 50/50 mix of the gutter zapAlways start with a 100% mix of the gutter zapAlways start with a 50/50 mix of purple powerAlways start with a 100% mix of purple power

5. If doing a gutter brightening scrub and you remove paint from the gutter you should:

Contact the ownerUse the gutter touch up paintTry to blend it in with more solutionRun away

6. It’s the job of the assistant tech to tell the lead tech where to spray:


7. All plants, siding, gutters and downspouts should be watered by the lead tech:


8. If the lead tech over sprayed a part of the roof he should:

Get down and water it before the plants dieAsk his assistant tech to water it again immediatelyIf it’s not much over spray it’s not a big dealTell him after he gets down from the roof

9. All areas that need to be watered should be watered before and after the treatment has been applied: