How many times have you taken this test?

1. All air conditioning units should be:

Covered with a tarpWatered before and afterWatched out forCleaned as it is part of the house

2. Exterior electrical outlets should be:

Always cleanedRinsed clean with waterTested to see if there is powerAvoided from any high pressure

3. To prevent streaking a freshly sealed driveway you don’t want to:

Wet the driveway down firstRedirect the drainage onto the grassMake sure you don’t spill any one the drivewaySpray more solution to clean off old solution marks

4. To remove streaks on windows you use:

Plant washGreen washBleach washJust Water

5. One metal you want to watch out for and get no solution on would be:


6. Which statement is true:

You should tarp all plants to be safeWatering plants will protect them all the samePlants in bloom should be just wateredIf solution gets on a blooming flower for even a second it will cause damage

7. Which is the proper order for preparing down spouts before you spray our roof cleaning treatment:

Water, tarp, waterWater, broadcast gypsum, water, spray treatment water againApply plant wash along with gypsum then water inWater, spray treatment, broadcast gypsum, water again

8. Plant Wash:

Is like ‘Miracle Grow’ and gives the plans nutrientsIs when you water the plants so they don’t get burntPrevents plants from getting burntShould always be put down to prevent damage

9. What would not be damaged by our solution:

Plastic chairTable clothDoor mattSeat cushion

10. To keep the solution from cleaning a deck that the customer does not want us to clean, we would have to:

Water the deck like crazyWater, tarp, and then rinse with bleach washWater and don’t spray around where the deck isWater, tarp, then keep the tarp wet as your spray