How many times have you taken this test?

1. 1. While maintaining your adjustable ladder by spraying our chain wax spray, you will want to make sure you:

Spray all 5 hingesSpray two coats while working back and forthHave someone hold the ladder for youSpray it every month

2. You can quickly estimate what the proper pitch that the ladder should be at by:

Using the pitch gaugeClimbing half way up to see if it slipsAsking your lead techStanding straight up and grabbing the ladder with your arms straight out in front of you

3. When ratchet strapping the ladders down at the back of the truck:

The strap should form the letter MThe strap should be clean and not dirtyThe strap should form the letter WThe strap should not be very tight or it could break the ladders

4. When setting the 40 ft ladder you should:

Look for power lines before walking up the ladderAlways install a ladder standoff at the top of the ladderTrying doing it yourself firstWalk it up as fast as you can

5. A ladder standoff will not:

Make the ladder more secureHold the ladder away from the gutterMake your job safer*Save your life if you fall

6. Pulling the hose from corner to corner to get around the house is not to:

Make sure we don’t drag the hose around the plantsPrevent getting the hose tied up in knotsTo move swiftly and efficientlyKink the hose

7. A wet hose is easier to roll up then a dry hose:


8. Our 100% biodegradable solution when sprayed on roofs will not:

Kill black algaeRemove moss and lichenTurn moss and lichen whiteMake the black algae stains go away