How many times have you taken this test?

1. Customers can easily hear what you are saying

When they are in the yardThrough windows and skylightsWhen they turn the lawn mower offWhen you speak directly at them

2. Having your assistant tech get out of the vehicle to spot you while backing up the truck will insure

You don’t run over the customer’s dogYou don’t back into the street with a car comingCustomer’s walkways won’t be crushed by the weight of the vehicleThe ladders won’t be crushed while backing up

3. The first thing we want our customers to see is

A fully uniformed technicianA clean looking box truckA friendly smileThat we pulled into their driveway safely

4. Safety cones should not be used for:

Cautioning oncoming traffic if our box truck is sticking out onto the roadCautioning drivers behind us that our ladders are sticking out further then the truckCautioning traffic if our box truck is on the side of the road*Storing dirty gloves and garbage because the trash bag is full

5. Cleaning the inside of the truck at the end of every day is important because:

Customers will think we are a sloppy companyIt will be easier to find things in a clean truckOther employees that may use your truck the next day would want it to be cleanIf you ever got pulled over it could be a hazard to have a dirty truck

6. When folding tarps you should:

Roll the tarp into a ballFold corner to cornerUse two peopleRinse off the tarp before putting into the truck

7. At the end of the job when doing your clean up you should not:

Clean all horizontal services including plants and trash cansClean under the truckClean off the drivewayClean the customer’s cat