Training Videos



  1. Select the link to videos you need to watch below.
  2. Use the toggle button in the bottom right corner of the video and select full screen.
  3. Press Play (or if you are watching these using a playlist select play all).
  4. You should be watching one module each day so make sure you arrive 30 minute before your start time so you can do so.
  5. During your first week on the job you should watch all of the Assistant Technician Videos.
  6. After you have watched all the videos print out the test, take it and hand it into management.
  7. A passing score on the test is required for you to be eligible for bonuses and promotions.
  8. After you have watched all of the Assistant Technician Modules you can begin the Lead Technician Modules.

Assistant Technician

Module 1                    Test 1

Module 2                    Test 2

Module 3                    Test 3

Module 4                    Test 4

Module 5                    Test 5

Playlists of Videos

Lead Technician

Module 1                  Test 1

Module 2                  Test 2

Module 3                  Test 3

Playlists of Videos